Legal information

The article 10 Law 34/2002, July 11, about Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce establishes the obligation to have means that allow both to the service recipients and the competent bodies to all service provider of the information society, and access by electronic means, permanently, easily, directly and free of charge, certain information that we provide in this section.

Data of the owner of the website

Headline: ATHLON, S. COOP.
CIF: F20332748
Home: Loramendi Street, nº 4
20500 Mondragón (Guipúzcoa)
Telephone.: 943 712 033
Registration data in the Register of Basque Cooperatives: ATHLON, S. COOP.
is registered in the Register of Cooperatives of Euskadi to Folio 32 of the
Registration Book of cooperative societies, registration number 90.3.692.

Website use conditions:

When using website, it is understood that the user has read, comprehend and accepted completely and without reservation the legal notice, the use conditions, the privacy policy and other notices or instructions that appear on the website, pledging to make a good use of it according to the law, the moral and the public order.
If the user does not agree, he/she must refrain from using the website (

ATHLON, S.COOP. reserves the right to modify the contents, information, website terms conditions, use conditions, privacy policies and other legal notices whenever they want. In that case, the cooperative will inform by the website or by an informative email to those users who requests it in order to decide if they wish to continue using the website. there may be links to other sites or third parties web pages in case they do not assume any kind of responsibility for them as they do not have control over them.
Therefore, the user under his exclusive responsibility accesses not only to the content they offer, but also to the use conditions.

Copyright and intellectual property

The user acknowledges and accepts that all brands, trade names or distinctive signs, industrial and intellectual property rights, and/or elements in the website, are exclusively ATHLON, S.COOP property and/or third party property who has the selective right to use them in the economic traffic.
Unless the opposite is established expressly, the access to the website does not imply a waiver, transfer, licence or total or partial cession of the rights mentioned.

ATHLON, S.COOP owns the elements that make up the graphic design of, the menus, the HTML code, the texts, brands, logos, colour combination, buttons, images, graphics and any other content, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents or, in any case, it has the corresponding authorization for the use of the elements commented. content may not be reproduced in whole or in part, nor transmitted and registered by any information retrieval system, in any form or way, unless the user has written prior authorization by the counterparty.

Therefore, the user is obliged to use, its contents and services in a diligent and correct manner, according to the Law, the moral, good practises and customs, public order, good faith and those general use conditions respect to the intellectual rights property that correspond to ATHLON, S.COOP.

The use of the website is banned from illicit purposes, prohibited, harmful purposes of third parties or that may, in any way, damage ATHLON, S.COOP brand, image or reputation.

The user will be liable for the damages the cooperative may suffer as a result of the breach of any of the obligations to which it is subject by this applicable conditions. ATHLON, S.COOP. reserves the appropriate legal actions to defend its rights. ​

Personal data protection

In, personal data is collected through several channels, either in the contact form, in the “Work with us”, in the comments to news or through the email address enabled to establish contact with us.
Such data will be treated respecting the current legal framework regarding the data protection of personal data, and in regard with the privacy policy described in the website which users must read before providing their data. In any case, in each form used to collect personal data, an informative clause has been made about the treatment made of them.

Commercial communications

In accordance with the provisions of the Law 34/2002, July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and Law 56/2007, December 28, Measures to Promote the Society of the Information that modifies it, users are informed about that they will not sent them advertisements or commercial communications by e-mail or other communication equivalent electronic means without their prior request or consent obtained through the corresponding forms.
In any case, users can oppose or refuse to receive commercial information by electronic means sending an e-mail to The possibility will be provided in each communication sent to them.

Owner’s website responsibility

ATHLON, S.COOP. does not guarantee neither the absence of viruses nor other kind of elements in the contents. Because of that, the cooperative does not assume any responsibility for damages that may be caused to users’ computers or systems due to possible computer viruses that could have been incurred by users’ when browsing the

Similarly, ATHLON, S.COOP. does not neither control or guarantee the continued access, nor the correct visualization, download or information usefulness and information contents in which may be impeded, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control and is not liable in the event of service interruptions, delays or malfunctions when is due to causes beyond ATHLON, S.COOP. control, force majeure, and which is because of an international or culpable action on the user’s part.

ATHLON, S.COOP. does not assume any responsibility for:

  1. The information that may exist about us in third parties websites
  2. Information that anyone can access through search engines or third parties links to

Website use by minors

Although website is not target minors, the access is allowed. In the case a minor over 14 years old wishes to request information from us, it will be allowed to do so by her/his own. Yet, if the minor is under 14 years old, then the request must be done by the person who has the custody, guardian or legal representative, authorising the latter to treat the personal data of the company. In such way, those with minors under their charge assume exclusively the responsibility of determining the services and the website contents suitable for their children.
ATHLON, S.COOP. does not assume any responsibility in case the minors provide their personal data in breach of these obligations.

Links from other websites to

The people or the entities that intend to make or carry out a “hyperlink” from external websites to any of pages; they must undergo the following conditions:

The “hyperlink” establishment will not imply existence relations between ATHLON, S.COOP. and the website or portal owner from where it is made, nor the contents and services offered in ATHLON, S.COOP. knowledge and acceptance.

ATHLON, S.COOP. will not be responsible for the contents and services that are available on the website/portal from which “hyperlink” is made or therein are included information and statements.


Cookies are small text files stored on the hard drive or in the computer’s memory that accesses or visits the pages of certain websites, so that users’ preferences can be known when they reconnect. Cookies stored on user’s hard drive cannot read the contained data, access to personal information or read the cookies created by other providers. ​

See cookies policies in the legal notice of “Cookies” available on the bottom of the website.

Social network information

Through this section, we want to inform users about the presence we have in social networks related to the use and treatment data policies.

In relation to Facebook, when a user becomes fan of our page through the “Like” button, authorized the use of his/her personal data in Facebook platform for the management of our website and the communications we maintain in a bidirectional manner with our followers through the chat, messages or other means of communication that Social Networks allows now and in the future. ​

However, this treatment will be subject to the social network privacy policies and the user can access to the members or followers list at the following link: By becoming a fan we will have access to the list to those who have joined us.

We also want to inform that when a user becomes a fan, the news publish will appear accessible not only the comment, but the profile name and the photograph the user has in it by the other fans. In any case, Social Network use is user’s responsibility. We will use user’s personal data only for purposes related to those indicated in previous paragraphs and also to send them information through our social network. Regarding to the rights access, rectification, cancellation and opposition recognized by LOPD, we can only act in accordance with the possibilities Facebook allows, and we must address them in case users want to exercise this kind of right.

However, you can unsubscribe from our page at any time by clicking on “I do not like it” button. This way, we would no longer have access to the personal data, although Facebook may keep the comments previously made on our wall.
In relation to Twitter, when a user continues clicking on “Follow” button, we will have access to the information of the ones who follow us, specifically, to the user’s name, the photograph (in the case she/he has it) and comments or “Tweets” made as well as the information posted on the profile such as users you follow and your followers, although we will not use that information.

The data of those users that follow us on Twitter will be used to manage and respond to “Tweets” or messages our cooperative exchange with them. The privacy policy that rules this social network can be checked at the following link: Consult

As for YouTube, we will have access to the information of those who continue subscribing to our profile, specifically, to user name, photograph (in the case she/he has it) and comments made to our videos.

The users’ data will be only used to manage and respond the messages we exchange with them. YouTube privacy policy can be checked at the following link: Consult

With respect to Flickr, we will follow the same uses and policies described in the previous two paragraphs, although Flickr privacy policy can be consulted at the following link: Consult

Finally, as for LinkedIn, we will have access to users’ profile that follow us and comments our articles. LinkedIn privacy policies are at the following link: Consult

In any case, Social Network use is user’s responsibility so ATHLON, S.COOP. does not assume responsibility in regard to it.​

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The activity developed through and is subject to the current Spanish legislation that is applicable, among other, the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13, Personal Data Protection, Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21 December which approves the development regulation of the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13, Personal Data Protection, Law 34/2002, July 11, Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce and Civil Code.​

For any dispute or conflict results between ATHLON, S. COOP. and our website users, all the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Spain Courts and Tribunals, specifically those from Bergara, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if they have it.