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  • Suitable for the entire population. It does not matter if you are an athlete or if you simply want to start a sporting activity.

  • Promotion of health and active lifestyles. We help you achieve the goals you have set.

  • Certified and approved medical service. We have experienced professionals, certified medical teams and the recognition of a prestigious career.

Our services.

Our services.

Sports medical recognition

Training planning

Treatment of injuries

We have a wide catalogue of all types of medical examinations, with which we will assess your physical condition and your resistance.

Sports medical

Personalized training planning based on the results obtained, tastes and personal objectives; continuous communication with the physical trainer.


Athletes or non-athletes of all ages can attend. Assistance center for federated with health insurance.

Treatment of injuries

Our clients.

Our clients.

Medical examination with stress test aimed at the general population. The level of effort is adapted to the age, type of exercise and particular characteristics of the person.


Medical examination with stress tests aimed at sports teams. The examinations are carried out at the Athlon medical centre located in Mondragon or it can be considered to go to the club.


Medical examination with stress test aimed at the prevention and detection of cardiac pathology in companies.